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100% Contingent Debt Collection
(No Collection/No Charge)
$20 Certified Trapping/Lien Notices
$300 Lien Claim Filing

Sending a Trapping/Pre-Lien Notice Today.

Send a trapping/pre-lien notice so your funds are eligble for a future lien claim. Most liens that are unenforceable are because the claimant failed to send timely notices.

File Your Lien Claim Today.

Our licensed attorneys will review, draft, and file your lien claim for a reasonable price. No more throwing good money at bad money just to have your lien claim correctly filed and enforceable.

Collect Your Money

Stop the excuses and get serious about your money by having a professional work your claim today! We provide 100% contingent (No Collection/No Charge) collection services for construction related claims, even if you failed to file a lien claim.

Why hasn’t my lien claim been paid?

Filing a lien claim on a job is poweful tool for suppliers and contractors. However, many claimants do not understand the process or the requirements that often involve actions that must be taken prior to their lien filing deadline. If you have filed a lien claim that has not been paid or you just want a better understanding we have an easy to read overview.

Experience Matters When Collecting Construction Claims

No Fee Until We Collect

We work 100% on contingency. Our success if your success.

Experienced Construction Collectors

We only used trained and supervised professionals to work your claims. An inexperienced debt collector can make your situation worse. Trust our experience and experts to get the job done.

Investigative Reporting

We provide full investigative reports on your debtor’s business including their assets, vendors, creditors, and liabilities.

Success Where Others Fail

Our belief is persistence beats resistance. We never give up until your debt is resolved.

Ready to stop letting your debtor get away with your money?

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